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“Making Friends out of Strangers”

How Square Dancing unites two families meeting for the first time at a wedding rehearsal dinner.

The bride came from one end of the state; the groom came from the other. One set of college friends didn’t know the other, and their co-workers were employed at different companies.

“We wanted to have a wonderful wedding weekend, filled with all of the people we cared most about in the world,” the bride recalled. “But our families and friends didn’t know each other. We needed an ice breaker strong enough to instantly make friends out of strangers and set a relaxed tone for the entire weekend. Someone suggested a square dance at our wedding rehearsal dinner and I thought, hey, why not!”

Cliff Brodeur is one of the best known square dance callers in the country who has appeared beside such folks legends as Pete Seeger. After more than 50 years of practicing his art throughout the U.S. and abroad, Cliff has also become an expert at instantly blending a diverse crowd into one joyous group of people who are having the time of their lives. “All they have to do is smile and relax. I’ll do the rest,” Cliff said

Accompanied by the celebrated Square One Band, Cliff creates an atmosphere of fun and excitement with extraordinary music played by virtuoso instrumentalists. In no time, families and friends are dancing together, everyone is relaxed and happy, and a memorable wedding weekend is underway.

“I didn’t know a soul at this rehearsal dinner besides the groom,” said one member of the wedding party.  “But I just danced with 16 people. I’m going to have fun at this wedding.”

Square dancing at your wedding rehearsal? Your guests will still be talking about it at your 25th anniversary party!

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