Square dancing can transform fund-raisers into a home run for organizations.

One of America’s richest traditions is injecting new life and fun into annual events! 

It was a magical summer evening on the beautiful island of Nantucket. For its biggest fund-raiser of the year, the Nantucket Land Council had booked acclaimed square dance caller Cliff Brodeur and the Square One Band to achieve what many organizations fear is impossible: Provide entertainment that will draw a crowd, immediately engage the guests, hold the momentum, and send them home happy.

“It was a huge success, both for our guests who so enjoyed the music and also financially for our campaign,” wrote Linda Holland, executive director of the Nantucket Land Council. “The Square One Band added a festive note and provided marvelous entertainment.

I was delighted to see that so many of our guests actually got up and danced! Your fine calling helped even those with no previous experience enjoy the evening. The joy of country music was infectious and everyone had a grand time. If we try to repeat the event next year, I hope that you will return toNantucket.”

That is exactly the sentiment that event coordinators express after working with Cliff Brodeur.

“We love what we do, and it shows,” said Cliff, who has performed with such folk legends as Pete Seeger and Bobby Bare.  “We know exactly what events need to be successful and we deliver professional, high-value entertainment wherever we go. Once I start calling, I love watching the transformation that takes place at an event. People are immediately interested in the music and drawn to the activity. With Square One’s Bands encouragement, guests who have never square-danced before are out on the floor and having a wonderful time.”

“Your product, service and professionalism were impeccable,” wrote Amy Voccio, event coordinator for the Newport Yachting Center. “The client was extremely pleased with the quality of your music and your enthusiasm while giving square dance lessons.”

When a live band is not requested, Cliff brings a professional, high-quality sound system and calls over live music recorded in Nashville.

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