Successful Companies “Square Dance” on the job

That’s why more and more are square dancing at their corporate meetings

In today’s fast-paced global market, the most successful companies in the world “square dance.” Their employees build teams across multiple time zones, collaborating seamlessly to create effective systems that achieve results. How do you ensure that these same employees interact effectively when they come together, face-to-face, at company meetings?

“We square dance,” said Cliff Brodeur, one of the country’s most acclaimed square dance callers and a favorite among corporate event planners looking for unique ways to break the ice, relax a diverse group of employees and set the tone for a memorable corporate meeting.

“Square dancing is a highly effective way to get groups out of their huddle and encourage them to come together, relax, and have fun,” Cliff said. “It’s a very upbeat activity where everyone can be successful. It also creates a happy, collaborative spirit that continues into the business meeting.”

One of the richest of American traditions, square dancing has transcended the ages because it continues to speak directly to each new generation. “Think about what employees do every day on the job,” Cliff said. “They find partners, they follow directions, and they join teams and work together to achieve results. That’s exactly what we do when we square dance.”

Accompanied by the celebrated Square One Band, Cliff creates an atmosphere of fun and excitement with extraordinary music played by virtuoso instrumentalists who are well-known in their own right. In no time, the business meeting has transformed into a relaxed, upbeat event, setting just the right tone for the rest of the corporate gathering.

“Companies invest a great deal of money to bring employees in from all over the country to spend a day or two setting a work agenda that may carry over into the next year,” Cliff noted. “They want to insure a successful meeting, where barriers fall away, employees get to know each other quickly, and most of all, they have fun. That’s why we square dance!”

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