January 2023

January 26th-Williamstown Elementary School-Williamstown MA
January 27th-Williamstown Elementary School-Williamstown MA

February 2023

February 23- Cheshire Youth Center-Cheshire MA

April 2023

April 14th-Fundraiser Rye New York-Tentative

May 2023

May 5th-Farmington River School Hoedown with Terry Alaberry
May 28th-Camp Jewell-Colebrook Ct-Tentative

June 2023

June 13th-Camp Jewell Staff Orientation-Colebrook Ct
June 15th-Camp Romaca Staff Orientation-Hinsdale MA
June 17th- Private Event with the Square One Band-Salisbury Ct
June 18th-Camp Pontiac-Copake New York
June 19th-Camp Taconic Staff Orientation-Hinsdale MA
June 21-Camp Chimney Corners and Camp Becket Staff Orientation-Becket MA
June 22-Camp Sloan Staff Orientation-Lakeville Ct
June 23rd- Camp Schodack Staff Orientation- Nassua New York
June 24th- Otis Woodlands Square Dance-Otis MA 4-6PM
June 29th- Camp Half Moon-Monterey MA

July 2023

July 1st- Norfolk Country Club-Norfolk Ct with the Square One Band
July 2-Twin Lakes Beach Club-Salisbury Ct
July 3rd-Camp Sloane-Lakeville Ct
July 6th-Camp Danbee-Peru Ma
July 8th- Dead of Summer Music Festival Family Show-Manchester Vermont with Terry Alaberry. !0:30-11:30
July 10th-Camp Watitoh Hoedown Night with the Square One Band
July 17-Camp Romaca-Hinsdale MA
July 18th Camp Sloane-Lakeville Ct
July 19- Clarksburg Evening Fair-Clarksburg MA with Terry Alaberry 
July 28th-Private Party-Forresburg New York with the Square One Band

August 2023

August 1-Camp Sloan Camp-Lakeville Ct
August 3-Camp Taconic Hoedown for Campers-Hinsdale MA
August 9th- Camp Emerson Hinsdale MA
August 14th-Camp Kinderland-Tolland MA
August 15-Camp Sloane-Lakeville Ct
August 23rd- Camp Becket Family Square Dance-Becket MA
August 25th-Camp Hi Rock Family Camp-Mt Washington

September 2023

September 2-Camp Sloan Family Camp-Lakeville Ct
September 3-Camp Jewell Family Camp-Colebrook Ct
September 6th-Bergen Academy-Club Getaway-Kent Ct (tentative)
September 10th-John Hay Estate at The Falls-Concert and Dance-Lake Sunapee-Newbury New Hampshire with the Square One Band 5-7PM

October 2023

October 7th-Sedgewood Club Hoedown-Carmel New York with the Square One Band

More dates to come, please check back or get in touch:

Phone: (413) 443-3060
Cell: (413) 281-4407