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January 2008
January 2-Village of Colonie Town Hall-Colonie New York
January 4- Merry Mohicans Square Dance Club-Glen Falls New York
January 8-Pittsfield Squares Beginners Class-Pittsfield MA
January 9-Village of Colonie Senior Center-Colonie New Yorl
January 11th-Latham Circle Squares-Newtonville Town Hall-Newtonville NY
January 13-Beginners Dance-South Congrational Church-Pittsfield MA
January 15-Pittsfield Squares Beginners Class-Pittsfield MA
January-Village of Colonie Senior Center-Colonie New York
January 18-Private Event-Scarsdale New York
January 19-Private Event-Scarsdale New York
January 22-South Congregational Church-Pittsfield MA
January 23-Single Squares- Colonie New York
January 25-Loomis and Chaffee School-Windsor Connecticut
January 26-Private School-Greenwich Conn
January 29-Richmond School-Richmond MA-Day
January 29-Pittsfield Squares-Pittsfield MA
January 30-Village of Colonie Senior Center-Colonie New York
February 2008
Feb 5-Pittsfield Squares-Pittsfield MA
Feb 6-Village of Colonie - Colonie New York
Feb 8-Savoy Elementary School-Savoy MA
Feb 12-Pittsfield Squares Pittsfield Ma
Feb 13-26- Florida Trip I can be reached at 1-413-281-1341
Feb 27-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
Feb 29-St Thomas School-Fairfield Connecticut
March 2008
March 1-St Stephens Church-Pittsfield MA
March 5-Pittsfield Squares-Pittsfield MA
March 6-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
March 11-Pittsfield Squares-Pittsfield MA
March 12-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
March 13- Clarksburg School Hoedown-Clarksburg MA
March 15- Pittsfield Squares-Pittsfield MA
March 18-Pittsfield Squares-Pittsfield MA
March 19- Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
March 21- Kittredge School Residence-Hinsdale MA
March24-Ct Plunkett School-Adams MA
March 25-Pittsfield Squares-Pittsfield Ma
March 26-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
March 27-Ct Plunkett Residence-Adams MA
March 28-Ct Plunkett-Adams Ma (Day)
March 28- Latham Circle SDC-Newtonville New York
March 31-Ct Plunkett-Adams Ma
April 2008
April 1-Pittsfield Squares-Pittsfield MA
April 2-Village of Colonie-Colonie NY
April 3- Ct Plunkett-Adams MA
April 4- CT Plunkett Square Dance-Adams MA
April 8-Richmond School Residency Richmond Ma(day)
April 8- Pittsfield Squares-Pittsfield MA
April 9-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
April 10-St Marks School Residency-Pittsfield MA
April 11-St Marks Hoedown-Pittsfield MA
April 15-Richmond School Residency-Richmond Ma
April 15-Pittsfield Squares-Pittsfield MA
April 16-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
April 19- Mononock Bible Conference Center-Jaffrey New Hampshire
April 20-Private Party Wakefield MA-Aft
April 22-Pittsfield Squares-Pittsfield Ma
April 23-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
April 29-Pittsfield Squares-Pittsfield Ma
April 30-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
May 2008
May6-Pittsfield Squares Pittsfield MA
May 13-Pittsfield Squares Graduation Dance-Pittsfield MA
May 14-Single Squares Russian Church-Colonie New York
May 17- Pittsfield Squares Dance-Pittsfield MA
May 20-Pittsfield Squares-Pitttsfield MA
May21-Village of Colonie Senior Center-Colonie New York
May 25-Private Event-Colebrook Ct
May 28-Village of Colonie Senior Center-Colonie New York
May 31- Private Event- Otis MA
June 2008
June 4th-Village of Colonie Senior Center-Colonie New York
June 6-Dorchester Parish Church-Dorchester MA
June 7-Private Party-Winchester MA
June 10-Baumans Brookside-Greenville New York
June 13-Lenox Community Center-Lenox MA
June 16-Private Event-Colebrook Ct
June 17- Baumans Brookside-Greenville New York
June 18-Camp Becket Councilor Orientation-Becket MA
June 19-Private Event- Lakeville Ct
June 20-Camp Romaca -Hinsdale MA
June 21- Private Party- Mt Kisco New York
June 22- Yale Art and Music School-Norfolk Ct
June 24-Camp Lenox- Otis MA
June 25-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
June 26-Private Event-Copake New York
July 2008
July 1-Crane Lake Camp-West Stockbridge MA
July 2- Camp Lenox-Otis Ma with the Square One Band
July 3-Camp Sloan-Lakeville Ct
July 5-Private Event-Copake New York
July 7-Private Event-Otis Ma with the Square One Band
July 7-Camp Danbee-Hinsdale MA
July 10-Private Event-Lakeville Ct
July 11-Croton Point Park Rehersal Dinner-Tarrytown New York
July 12-Mt Washington Town Dance-Mt Washington MA
July 14-Lake Bryn Mawr-Honesdale PA
July 17-Private Function, Otis, MA
July 20-Camp Witoh-Becket MA with the Square One Band
July 21- Private Event- Copake New York
July 22-Camp Romaca- Hinsdale MA
July 24-Private Cooperate Party-Stamford Ct
July 26-Private Event-Rhinebeck New York
July 26-Eagle Hill-Elizaville New York
July 28-Private Event-Copake New York
July 29-Crane Lake Camp-West Stockbridge MA
July 30-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
July 31-Camp Sloan-Lakeville Ct
August 2008
August 1-Norfolk Conneticut 250th Anniversary- Norfolk Ct with the Square One Band
August 2-Otis Town Dance-Otis Park-Otis Ma with the Housatonic Phillharmonic
August 4-Camp Kinderland-Tolland MA
August 6-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York (Day)
August 7-Private Event-Lakville Ct
August 8-Camp Ramaguois-New York
August 9-Twin Lakes Beach Club-Salisbury Ct with the Housatonic Phillharmonic
August 11-Private Event-Copake New York
August 12-Camp Bonnie Brae, Otis, MA
August 13-Village of Colonie Colonie New York (Day)
August 16- Newport Rhode Island
August 20-Family Camp-Becket MA
August 21- Ledyard High School Music Camp-Ledyard Ct
August 22- Hi Rock-Mt Washington MA
August 23- Mt Washington Town Dance-Mt Washington MA
August 28-Private Event-Copake New York
August 30-Private Event-Lakeville Ct
September 2008
September 1- Schaghticoke Fair-Schaghticoke New York
September 13- Reunion Dance-Becket MA
September 14-Private Party-Scarsdale NY
September 20- Hare Ball Bunnell Farm 498 Maple Street Litchfield Ct. The Square One Band will perform with special guest Taylor Pie from the Nashville Area. See Flyer
September 23-Pittsfield Squares Open House South Congregational Church Pittsfield MA
September 25-Nashville meets the Berkshires A special songwriter night featuring Taylor Pie and Bobby Sweet-American Legion Wendell Ave Pittsfield MA Show at 7:30 Doors open at 7PM. Concert being sponsored by the Brodeur Family and friends. For information contact Senta or Cliff Brodeur at 1-413-443-3060 See Flyer
September 27-Nantucket Lighthouse Hoedown- Nantucket Ma with the Square One Band with specail guest Bobby Sweet
October 2008
October 4-Private Party-Litchfield Ct
October 5-Loomis Chaffee School-Windsor Ct
October 11-Wedding Reception-Tyringham MA 4-7PM
October 12-Private Event-Colebrook Ct
Oct 18-Private Party-Richmond MA with the Square One Band
October 24- Braintree High School-Braintree MA
October 25- Gedney Farm, with the Square One Band
November 2008
November 1- Private Party-Pelham MA
November 4- South Congreational Church-Pittsfield
November6-Village of Colonie-Colonie NY
November 7-Dorchester Parish-Dorchester MA(Tentative)
November 14- Lenox Community Center-Lenox MA
November 15-Pittsfield Squares-Pittsfield MA
November 18-South Congreational Church-Pittsfield
November 19-Village of Colonie-Colonie NY
November 21- Allendale School Dance-Pittsfield MA
November 25-South Congreational Church-Pittsfield
November 26-Village of Colonie-Colonie NY
December 2008
December 1-11-Florida
December 2-South Congreational Church-Pittsfield MA
December 9-South Congreational Church-Pittsfield
December 10- Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
December 16-South Congreational Church-Pittsfield MA
December 17-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
December 23-South Congreational Church-Pittsfield MA
December 19-Pittsfield Square Dance Club-Pittsfield MA
December 30-Private Event-Becket MA
December 31-Private Event-Colebrook Ct
Many dates are not listed because they are private and closed to the public


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