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January 3-Square Dance Workshop-South Congo Church-Pittsfield Ma
January 4-Village of Colonie Square Dance Club-Colonie New York
January 7- New Canaan YMCA-Camp Jewell-Colebrook Ct
January 10-Pittsfield Square Dance Class-Pittsfield Ma
January 11-Thunder Road Square Dance Club-Village of Colonie NY
January 17-Square Dance Workshop-Pittsfield Ma
January 18-Thunder Road Squares-Village of Colonie New York
January 24-Pittsfield Squares Class-Pittsfield Ma
January 25-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
January 27th-Latham Circle Squares-Russian Orthodox Church-Sand Creek Rd-Colonie NY
January 29-Tsatsawassa Firehall-Brainard New York 1 to 4PM
February 1-Colonie Elk's Club-Rt 155-Colonie New York
February 6-Richmond School-Richmond Ma-Day
February 7-Pittsfield Squares Class-Pittsfield Mass
February 8-Thunder Road Square Dance Club-Colonie New York
February 9th-Richmond School-Richmond Ma-Day Classes
February 10- Richmond School Day Classes-Richmond Ma
Febraury 14- Square Dance Workshop-Pittsfield Ma
February 15-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
February 18-Pittsfield Squares Beginners Dance-South Church Pittsfield Ma
February 21-Square Dance Workshop-Pittsfield Ma
February 22-Thunder Road Square Dance Club-Village of Colonie New York
February 28- Pittsfield Square Beginner Class-Pittsfield Mass
MARCH 2017
March 1-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
March 2-Clarksburg School-Clarksburg Ma
March 7-Pittsfield Squares Beginners Class-Pittsfield Ma
March 8-Thunder Road Squares-Village of Colonie New York
March 9-Clarksburg School-Clarksburg Ma(Snow Date)
March 14-Square Dance Workshop-Pittsfield Ma
March 15-Elk's Club Rt 155 Colonie New York
March 21-Pittsfield Squares Beginners Class-Pittsfield Ma
March 22-Thunder Road Square Dance Club-Kuhn Center -Village of Colonie-NY
March 28-Square Dance Workshop-Pittsfield Ma
March 29-Thunder Road Squares-Village of Colonie NY
MAY 2017
May 2- Workshop-Pittsfield Ma
May 3-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
May 9-Pittsfield Square Dance Workshop-Pittsfield Ma
May 10-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
May 12-Latham Circle Squares- Russian Orthodox Community Center Colonie New York
May 16-Square Dance Workshop-South Church-Pittsfield Ma
May 17-Elk's Club Rt 155-Colonie New York
May 20-Pittsfield Square Dance Club Graduation Dance-South Church Pittsfield Mass
May 24-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
May 28-Camp Jewell Family Camp-Colebrook Ct
May 31-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
JUNE 2017
June 7-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
June 14-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
June 15-Camp Romaca Staff Orientation-Hinsdale Ma
June 18-Camp Pontiac Staff Orientation-Copake New York
June 19-Camp Lenox Staff OrientationOtis Mass
June 20-Staff Oreintation- Camp Becket-Chiminey Corners-Becket Mass
June 21-Camp Echo-Burlingham New York
June 22-Camp Sloan Staff Orientation-Lakeville Ct
June 23-Camp Shodack- Nassua New York
June 28-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
JULY 2017
July 5-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
July 6-Camp Sloan YMCA-Lakeville Ct
July 9-Camp Danbee-Hinsdale Mass
July 12-Village of Colonie-Colonie New York
July 13-Camp Echo-Burlingham New York
July 14-Camp Echo-Burlingham New York
July 16-Camp Wititoh-Hinsdale Mass with the Square One Band
July 18-Camp Romaca-Hinsdale Mass
Jul 20-Private Event-Lakeville Ct
July 26-Somewhere in Pa
July 27-Camp Chen-a-Wanda-Thompson Pa.

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